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As Gilda Often Said, “It’s Always Something”

By: Hayley Levy

As Gilda’s Club’s namesake Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s always something!” Many of you have seen this phrase on our T-shirts and stickers, or perhaps you’ve read Gilda’s memoir It’s Always Something*; she used it for just about anything that came her way, including her cancer. Today, Gilda’s phrase has never been truer for all of us, in many different ways.

Normally, this is the time of year people are thinking about the holidays, gathering with family and friends, and feeling festive. Hearts are full and hopeful. These last nine months of 2020, however, have been anything but normal – and the next couple of months are likely to feel pretty foreign, too. This is especially so for our Gilda’s Club community – our members, volunteers, donors, and staff, many of whom are being affected by cancer on top of COVID. And, yet, hearts remain full and hopeful…

Though I am working from home, and very much miss interacting with our members every day at the clubhouse, I have seen and heard of our Gilda’s Club community coming together to support each other in the most remarkable and inspiring ways over the last many months. You have connected with our Program team and encouraged other members by sharing resources, information, and support for navigating life with cancer in the midst of a pandemic. You have cheered successes, shared grief over the loss of loved ones during this time, and helped individuals across our community manage increased feelings of isolation. Despite all of your own personal hurdles, YOU have helped keep our community (and me personally!) hopeful and optimistic. Moreover, I have been blown away by the support you continue to provide for Gilda’s Club initiatives – everything from virtual fundraising events to online program workshops, activities, and events. Our cancer support community is stronger than ever – and that is thanks to you.

As year-end approaches – the period of time each year when Gilda’s Club receives the majority of our philanthropic support – I’d like to ask that you continue to show up for our cancer support program. The success of our Gilda’s Club community starts with YOU – our members, volunteers, donors and staff. Your donations fuel our mission, allowing us to offer support groups, healthy lifestyle workshops, educational lectures, and social activities – all now available virtually – at no charge to adults, teens, children, and families impacted by cancer.

No one should have to face cancer alone – during COVID, during the holidays, or at any other time. Please consider supporting Gilda’s Club with a 2020 year-end gift. Your generous support is critical.

Together, we can do so much more to empower those facing cancer and strengthen their hope. Together, even though “It’s always something,” we can say, “It’s always possible.”

To connect with Hayley, e-mail her at hayley@gildasclubmiddletn.org or call 615-329-1124.

*Call Gilda’s Club at 615-329-1124 to get your own bumper sticker and help spread the word about our mission. Copies of Gilda Radner’s memoir It’s Always Something are available to borrow from our Resource Library.