Adolescents & Young Adults

Adolescents & Young Adults

What does AYA stand for?

AYA stands for Adolescents and Young Adults.

Our AYA Program is for those ages 15-39 years old. The AYAs we support are those who have a cancer diagnosis themselves, are grieving the loss of a loved one, or who have a family member or friend with a cancer diagnosis.

Did You Know?

  • AYAs are often grouped with younger or older patient populations, which masks important differences in cancer distribution, tumor biology, and survivorship.
  • AYAs are more likely to be diagnosed at a late stage because of both delays in diagnosis due to the rarity of cancer in this age group and higher uninsured rates and higher prevalence of aggressive disease.
  • AYA patients also have a high risk of long-term and late effects, including infertility, sexual dysfunction, heart problems, and future cancers.

What do you wish people knew about being an AYA?

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