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During This Season of Giving Thanks

During November and December, we are bombarded with messages encouraging us to be thankful, grateful, and count our blessings. This practice is believed to increase positive mental health and good feelings. At Gilda’s Club, we understand that when you or someone you care about has cancer, you might not be feeling grateful or thankful – therefore, our motto at the clubhouse is “come as you are”. On good days, tough days, and all those in between, our cancer support community is here for you. We hope you enjoy a glimpse into what the Gilda’s team is feeling thankful for…

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work at Gilda’s Club and be inspired by the amazing people, including our staff, members and volunteers.” – Lorraine, Member Relations

“I’m grateful to be able to contribute to our growing community. Thankful to be a part of giving to our community.” – Michele, Finance

“I’m grateful for time spent with the people I love and who love me; and for people and community who support one another through the good, the bad, and everything in between.” – Liz, Program

“I’m thankful for both my families – the one at home and my Gilda’s work family.” – Lauren, Development

“I’m grateful for good health, time to make good memories, good friends, and opportunities to make meaning.”
– Felice, Program

“I’m grateful for my amazing friends and family.” – Hayley, Development

“I am grateful for my health and well-being, and my ability to live a creative life.” – Jen, Member Relations

“I am grateful for Megan.” – Allison, Program

“Allison.” – Megan, Program

“I’m thankful for family, friends, health, joy, grace, love, and God!” – Elaine, Member Relations

“I’m thankful for the love that surrounds me each day; the opportunity to be a mom; and laughter…so many reasons to smile and laugh each day.” – Laura, Marketing

“I am grateful for cool breezes and falling leaves and spending time with people I hold dear.” – Deanna, Program

“I’m grateful for the guided imagery and relaxation workshops.” – Chloe, Program

“I am thankful for my good health, long marriage, great friendships and family, and my two sweet pups!” – Betty, Member Relations

“I am thankful for all who make Gilda’s Club possible; members, staff, volunteers, community leaders, donors and funders. I am so grateful for my family and friends, love and laughter.” – Harriet, President and CEO

We are also very thankful for Amanda!