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We’ve Made Some Changes | Williamson County Location Closes

Dear Gilda’s Club Community,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that, effective June 30, Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee’s Williamson County location in Franklin will close permanently, and we will suspend our individual counseling program for all members.

These decisions were not made easily, especially as over the past two years, we have had tremendous success serving the residents of Williamson County and surrounding counties. Our support groups, educational programs, healthy lifestyle, and expressive arts programs all operated at capacity. With this pilot program expansion, we broadened our reach and increased the numbers of those served by our cancer support program. Our Gilda’s Club family has grown to include so many new (and special) members, donors, and community partners since we opened our doors on Carothers Parkway in May 2018.

Unfortunately, with the opening of a second location and addition of individual counseling to our program, we put an undue burden on our budget and reserves. While our overall fundraising efforts continue to be successful and we are generating more revenue with each year that passes, it is not keeping pace with the expense of operating two locations and offering one-on-one emotional support.

To our members: Please know that you are a valued part of our Gilda’s Club community and we are committed to serving you. All of our current, ongoing support groups, including our Williamson County groups, will continue to meet virtually. Our Program team will continue to be available to provide resource support. And we will continue to offer all aspects of our free cancer support program from our Midtown Nashville Clubhouse; we hope you will join us there.

To our donors and community partners: We are also committed to continuing to support, develop, and enhance our relationships with Williamson County-based donors and funders – many of whom have noticed our financial strain. We have been and will remain good and reliable stewards of your charitable dollars.

Lastly, we’d like to ask you to join us in acknowledging our team in Williamson County. We are so proud of their commitment to launching our satellite program in Franklin and grateful for the work they do each day to support all of our members and their families. Felice will return to our Nashville location full-time. We hope that Deanna will be able to stay with us as a group facilitator.  While Lorraine will no longer be a part of our Member Relations staff, she will always be part of the Gilda’s Club family.

We look forward to the time when increases in revenue afford us the opportunity to expand our program. Until then, please be with us as you are able, and know that our Red Door is always open.


Harriet Schiftan
President and CEO

Jim Corum
Chairman of the Board